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White Paper: Three Pillars of Engagement: Intelligence, Communications & Compliance

‘Know thy shareholder’ is perhaps the first rule for any investor relations officer. But many IROs find getting the basic information they need in order to know their audience and communicate effectively is no mean feat.

At a time when public companies have been compelled to share more financial information, disclosing everything from executive compensation practices to how board members are selected, many IROs lament that investors have been asked to share precious little, if anything, about themselves.

In addition, shareholders are evaluating public companies on much more than just their 10Ks and 10Qs. Nowadays investors
want to know a company’s record on climate change, green initiatives and other aspects of CSR.

Compliance doesn’t stop at what the letter of the law demands. It extends to how effectively a company can communicate all its
activities to shareholders, and to the broader market. In this new environment, market intelligence, communications and
compliance are no longer three distinct endeavors. Instead, they are converging, and the savviest IROs know how to use
market intelligence to create cutting-edge communications and more comprehensive compliance.

The ultimate goal? To use the latest technology and techniques to create a holistic view of a company, one that shareholders can
appreciate from a range of vantage points.

This white paper is a special publication produced by PR Newswire in conjunction with IR magazine India

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