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White Paper: Using Multimedia to Amp Up Your Social Echo

Social networks are enabling a vast increase in consumer interactions. As people engage each other regarding the subjects – and brands – they know well or want to know better, the millions of conversations occurring daily (including 110 million tweets per day on Twitter alone) constitute a vast reservoir of opinion and insight that could never before be collected and analyzed.

Recently, PR Newswire coined the term “Social Echo” to describe the powerful reverberation around brands that occurs through these conversations in the social networks and communities where people gather today.

In our view, a brand’s Social Echo has enormous power to shape reputation, influence mass opinion and drive growth. Social Echo has equal – and perhaps even greater – power to stop a brand dead in its tracks.

Marketers and communicators who understand this are actively engaged in listening to their Social Echo and in finding ways to participate in the conversations that comprise their Social Echo.  Importantly, they are also gleaning real-time insights to apply back to their brands in every area – customer care, product development, brand positioning and messaging, innovation and more.India

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