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Format of a press release

FAQs: Distribution

What is a press release?

Top 10 tips on how to write a good press release

How to write a good press release


When you write a press release think carefully about what you want to say, the audience you are seeking to address and, of course, the media to whom you are sending it. Bear in mind the following ten golden rules on writing a good press release, the main task being to answer all the questions that might crop up in the reader’s mind.

  1. Always put the press release date at the top
  2. Start with a good, strong headline, supported by the essence of the story in the very first paragraph – this answers the question "What?"
  3. Place the company’s name prominently in the opening section – Who?
  4. Demonstrate that the story is of local or national importance – Where?
  5. Give a brief indication of company thinking behind the new development – Why?
  6. Provide information on the timescale of the news story – When?
  7. Include an editor’s note (or boilerplate), with basic facts such as company background for recipients not familiar with the organisation
  8. Feature a contact name, and make sure this person is briefed to take calls and provide further details
  9. Support the name with a telephone and email address
  10. Keep it short, informative and interesting

For more tips see What is a press release? and Format of a press release?

Free editorial advice about your press release

PR Newswire offers free editorial advice from trained experts to all of our clients. Our editorial team has had training from the National Union of Journalists and Press Association in editorial practices. They review each and every news release that PR Newswire distributes globally. 

We look at such criteria as spelling and grammar, an active headline, release structure and finally that the appropriate media is being targeted.  The team also checks press releases for potentially libelous content.  This process protects your interests as well as our own. If required, we can re-write the copy for you and suggest alternatives in order to maximise pick-up.  You will then have the final approval, before we distribute the press release over the newswire.

PR Newswire is the world leader in text and multimedia news distribution, reaching more than 135 countries in more than 30 languages.

PR Newswire offers a full-time media relations staff dedicated to creating an audience for your news, unmatched customer service and a commitment to developing innovative products and services that help communications professionals work smarter and faster.

Check out our press release format and  what is a press release? pages for tips on good press release writing.

For enquiries regarding your account please contact us on +91 22 3953 7462 or indiasales@prnewswire.co.in


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