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Format of a press release

Top 10 tips on how to write a good press release

What is a press release?

What is a press release?

A press release is a brief written communication directed to the media that makes a newsworthy announcement. Press releases fulfill a public relations function by giving editors and reporters the information needed to develop a story about your company—or your client, if you are a PR agency.

A press release can be used to announce a variety of topics, such as a new product or service, an event, sales or financial data, changes in management, a notable award or accomplishment, or a campaign. They can also include images, videos and other multimedia elements, as well as links to websites, all which help supplement the topic of the press release and can help attract attention to it.

Why should I send a press release?

Sending a press release attracts attention from the media to your company or client, and provides publicity for the product, service or event that you are marketing. Additionally, a press release can act as a direct touch-point for consumers, helping to generate more sales for your business.

Because of this, the Web plays an important role in who has access to press releases.Press releases are distributed over the wire for the attention of assignment editors at newspapers, television and radio stations, magazines and other news outlets. However, newswire services who disseminate press releases over the wire also post them online where they can be found by both the media and the general public via major search and news engines.

Newswire services such as PR Newswire have made it increasingly easier for businesses to distribute their news to a wide audience, helping them to get their message in front of both journalists and consumers.

Check out our page on press release format and the top 10 tips for good press release writing.

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