Build Awareness and Audience Engagement with Multimedia News Releases (MNRs)

Deliver your story and content in an easy-to-access format across emerging and traditional media.

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Finding a way to get your target audience to engage emotionally and intelligently with your brand is key to its growth. Every day, more and more people are engaging with photos, videos and infographics; multimedia content grabs attention, amplifies your message and can increase visibility by up to 552% (PR Newswire Web Analytics).

To provide brands with flexible and cost-effective distribution of their rich content messages, PR Newswire created the MNR, an SEO-friendly microsite hosted on a dynamic HTML5 platform.

Increased media pick-up

In today’s content-hungry market, journalists, editors, bloggers and media influencers need to do more with less. By providing all the elements of your story (logos, photos, videos, text, audio) you make it easier for them to craft original, insightful and visually appealing articles and features for their audiences.

PR Newswire’s MNRs not only combine all of your content in one SEO-friendly communications tool, but also provide full indexing on all search engines making them easier to find. They are also shareable on all current and emerging social media platforms from the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to image platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr) and can optimise and distribute your video multimedia to 60 of the world’s top video portals (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion).

Multiple media

Different messages are best conveyed in different formats. Market research? How about an infographic highlighting findings and a link to download the report. Product launch? Share photos and a demo on YouTube. Executive briefing? Provide audio clips and charts.

PR Newswire’s multimedia packages give you the flexibility to share whatever mix of rich content best tells your story, whether it’s including an image with your press release or displaying your message across the Thomson Reuters screens in Times Square. (Display on the Thomson Reuters sign in Times Square is provided through a partnership with Branded Cities.)

Measurable results

Gauge how your multimedia communications performed with PR Newswire’s Visibility Reports, which come as standard with all of our distribution products. With an easy-to-use interface, you can track key performance data for each piece of content and share your results with key stakeholders.

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