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Take control with PR Newswire’s global news distribution, targeting and monitoring tools

Our media targeting and monitoring tools allow you to reach the people that matter most to you whilst gaining valuable data about your coverage

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Reach influential journalists with our list-building tools and multichannel distribution network, and monitor coverage of your brand across global media, with metrics to uncover actionable media intelligence.

Pinpoint targeting, increased reach

In today's ‘information everywhere’ environment, blanketing media outlets with your message will not cut through the noise. Target and reach the media that cares about your news by leveraging our industry-leading multichannel content distribution options and reach influencers with our list building tools and curated social channels.

Focus on Key Audiences — Reach niche audiences and connect with journalists covering news in your industry or key topics.

Increase Engagement in Social Channels — Engage with more contacts — journalists, bloggers, and influencers — via our curated, industry-specific Twitter feeds.

Share Your Message — Reach more media sources, websites and blogs through the industry's largest content distribution network.

Powerful monitoring and reporting

Track what’s being said about your brand, competitors, and industry across multiple online, social, print, and broadcast channels, with tools and metrics to gauge momentum and identify insights.

Manage Reputation – Follow brands and key issues across media.

Identify Trends – Uncover insights to inform and refine media strategy.

Demonstrate Value — Build and share coverage reports with key stakeholders.

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