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Get your message into the right hands at the right time

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Targeting the right media and bloggers who are specifically looking for news related to your industry plays a strategic role in the success of your communications.  Knowing which topics journalists are researching, as well as having access to updated media lists, can help you increase your coverage and build productive relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Target the Right Journalists & Bloggers for Your Message

Find the journalists, editors and bloggers who would love to know about your campaign

Messages change, and so do media lists. Filtering and categorising media contacts quickly and effortlessly reduces the hassle associated with building these lists.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • Access both the individual journalists and media outlets who specialise in covering your industry
  • Search for the media contacts who fit your geographic needs, whether that’s worldwide or right next door
  • Ensure you’re getting updated and accurate contact information every time
  • Know when and how to pitch each journalist, and see what they’ve recently written about
  • Reach coveted financial and industry analysts directly

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Get Your Timing Right

See what journalists & media outlets are working on so you can target them at the right time with your relevant content

Knowing which editors are working on what stories lets you capitalise on the moment by contacting them at the right time. Rather than spending your time searching for media opportunities, you can focus on honing your pitch to fit their exact story needs and get your relevant content in front of them.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • View 200,000+ editorial calendars
  • Search by keyword, category or date range for story opportunities pertaining to your business or industry
  • Know when to pitch to make the deadline, and who to contact for each story

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